03 December 2011

Make Your Own Pinecone Firestarters

 We're always on the hunt for kindling for our fireplace, so I "borrowed" a few pinecones from V's extensive collection in the yard to make firestarters.

I purchased some like this from Pier One a few years ago for a small fortune.  They're simply a wax bottom with a candle wick and a pinecone.

This kind of wick is perfect as it stands up on it's own.

  I melted a little beeswax into each tray (smells heavenly!), added the wick and then the pinecone. 

(After I photographed this post, I trimmed my wicks to a reasonable height)

Look what Crate and Barrel did for firestarters:

$39.95?!  Are you kidding me?  They're simply dipped in wax and scented.  I'd suspend the pinecone from a thread and dip it in the pot of wax.  A few drops of essential oil should make them scented.  Wrap them up in a dollar store basket and congratulate yourself on the knock-off.  I think you'd save about $38.95.


Melissa said...

So much nicer than my ghetto Tim Hortons cups last year. Seriously, I would fill Timmy's cups (There was usually at least one in the kindling/newspaper bin) with paper or wood shavings (the bottom o my wood bins)and light 'er up. Didn't smell as nice or look as pretty as yours though.

The Sewing Dork said...

Hey, why didn't I think of that?

Melissa said...

Because you are not ghetto enough. :) Seriously though,in a pinch any waxed beverage cup works wonders as a fire starter.