06 November 2011

A Knit Bit of This and That

The holidays are looming, and I'm trying to be frugal.  I convinced myself that making V's clothing for the winter would be cheaper than buying it (when in reality I know that any trip to the fabric store might be a disaster for my budget).

 I hit the sewing machine with wild abandon to make a red sweatshirt. 

The hood is lined with Mr. Dork's (free) old golf shirt.  The jersey loop at the neck may be one of my less brilliant ideas as it's stretching out of shape already.

I'm intrigued by the way Ashley at Lil Blue Boo always serges on the outside of her knit garments.  Only I think Ashley gets her seams straighter than mine.

I hope V likes red because way back in February I bought four yards of this knit.  I might have been planning a lovely braided rug...

But I'm down a yard now.


LB3K said...

so sweet! love the shape and the color.

Renae said...

Personally I'm not a big fan of serging on the right side, but that is a cute little sweatshirt.

TracyKM said...

I clicked the link to see the serging on the outside, but it took me to my blogger dashboard!
That's a lovely colour and cool sweatshirt!

Momma C Designs said...

Love that! My daughter was given a great pullover last year and I am wanting to make a similar one for her this year. I love the button idea, I think I should add that to the pullover. Thanks for the idea!


The Sewing Dork said...

Thanks TracyKM for noticing my error in the link!

TracyKM said...

I found her blog, and read quite a lot (although didn't see anything about serging on the outside). She's got quite a lot on her plate all of a sudden. For some reason though I can't "favourite" her site :(

Rhissanna said...

It's cute. She's better watch out for wolves, though..

The red knit? How about one of those ruffle or shaggy. fluffy throw pillows? They had tutorial for those all over blogland.