17 November 2011

Ikea Fabric in Clothing

 I came across this blog post which uses Ikea fabric in an a-line dress.  I had some of the same fabric so I tried my hand at a child's dress.

I severed a hand-me-down shirt

Changed out the buttons

And sewed on the skirt.  I love how Mr. Fox is sticking out his tongue.

The back is equally fabulous.  You can sit on a squirrel. 

A bit more Ikea clothing eye candy found on the web:
I love the bold prints and the unusual color combos.  Methinks me needs those shoes! 


LB3K said...

stop it. just stop it! you are just showing off that you have an ikea and some of the rest of us don't. . . so mean! ;0)

maarnietvangrijs said...

Wow, you visited my blog!!!! Thank you so much, I'm honoured (big fan of your blog!!). Your dress looks lovely!
Sacha (maarnietvangrijs)

maarnietvangrijs said...

My daughter (who is wearing the dress) just told me she likes yours better, because it's pink..... :-)

Ooty said...

great dress :)
I love Ikea fabrics, I made a girl coat out of it
and for most of my winter fleece kids clothing I used their blankets :)

Jeff Hardy said...

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