03 November 2011

Handmade Holidays Tutorial - Sew Some Stuffie Sleeping Bags

I'm officially allergic to any Christmas decorating/muzak that occurs before December 1st, but I do appreciate the weeks it takes to get your craft on.  Most years I try to give handmade gifts, so I wanted to share a few with you this month and next.

Simple bear sleeping bag with a stuffed pillow. 

-wool batting for stuffing pillow
-two coordinating fabrics.  Cut two of each fabric as follows:
 Back panel - 18 x 10 inches
 Front panel - 13.5 x 10 inches

Place right sides of the fabrics together and sew up both the front panel and the back panel pieces like pillowcases, leaving the top edges open for turning. 

Take the front panel piece and fold under the "pillowcase" (open) edge about 1/2 inch.  Stitch closed. 

To make the pillow, measure a line about 6 inches from the top.  I marked mine with green tape.  Stitch across this line.  This will form the bottom of the pillow.

(View from the back).  Now press under the top edge about 1/2 inch. 

Stuff your wool batting into that opening.

Either hand or machine stitch closed.  Keep shoving your wool batting out of the way of your machine's presser foot if necessary.  You can fluff it back up later. 

On the back of the sleeping bag, pin the front panel piece (pin the good side of the front panel to the back of the sleeping bag so it matches when you turn in inside out).  Sew all around where you've pinned. 

Turn your sleeping bag inside out, insert bear and admire your cleverness.

For another option, skip the stuffed pillow step and instead add a separate pillow.

That's one present done!


ShirleyC said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I made something similar, but the way you do the pillow is so much simpler. My grands love stuff like this.

Cricket said...

So cute! Just thinking the other day I was thinking the kids would love something like this.

Anonymous said...

Such an adorable idea! (And I love that mushroom fabric, too.)

Shelly @Crafty Creative Studio said...

So CUTE!! My boys are teens now -but I can sure make these someday when grandkids come along... someday FAR, FAR away, that is. :)

Melissa said...

Very cute! Wednesday would eat this up like candy. Add it to THE list I guess.

Karen said...

Thanks for the tute! I just made one for my nephew and I have another one in the queue for my son.

albina N muro said...

try this ~! surfing holidays

maggiesmum said...

Just made a frozen sleeping bag for favourite softy! Thanks for tutorial!

Unknown said...

Such a clever idea, I must try this! I've seen on The Sewing Makes Me Happy Website that there are sewing machines suitable for children, which might be good for making these.

Steve Berke said...

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Momma said...

I love these! thank you! :)