14 November 2011

Handmade Holidays How-To: Soap-Making

I was at a crafty friend's house recently and she was making soap.  I was inspired.  You can buy big bricks of plain soap like this at Michael's ($17.99 before the 40% off coupon):

And turn it into 8 regular sized bars of loveliness.

The plain brick of soap is scored, so you cut it into small chunks with a kitchen knife and gently heat it in a pot on the stove. 

Before pouring this batch into the molds, I added some purple colorant (also found in the soap making aisle at Michael's) and dried lavender.  The bar in the forefront has a deeper colored middle - I inserted some broken chunks from a different colored batch of soap for interest.
I bought these inexpensive molds at Michael's, but they weren't worth the money. Leftover plastic food containers from my kitchen (greased with a tiny bit of olive oil) were much sturdier.

You can make one big soap loaf and slice it up.

My friend suggested I grate some orange peel and lemon peel to add to the soap.  You could add just about anything - seeds, oats, finely ground walnut shell....

A close up of the lemon peel and lavender.

The last thing to do before gift-giving is dress up your bars.

Paper, twine, ribbon or fabric.  They all look sweet.


Jennifer S said...

Those look so cute :)

Melissa said...

OOOh! These look so easy and so fun! I had no idea Michaels sold giant bricks of of olive oil soap? That sounds dreamy with some citrus zest.
P.S. I joined a gym to get hopefully get rid of my "bingo wings."

Bee said...

Oooo! I am going to try this myself! I've never tried making soap before ~ but what a wonderful gift idea! I love to handmake things as gifts anyways so this would be great. I bet for a guy (like my dad) I could do something with exfoliatant in it because he is always working with his hands. But please visit my shop sometime and my blog ~ ~

AnchorsAway said...
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AnchorsAway said...

What did you add to the milky white and blue one? It's so pretty!