09 November 2011

Big Red Ruffle Pants

(If we were in Britain, I'd be referring to large red underpants. ha ha)

Yard #2 of the red knit conquered. 

I made a pair of simple pants and circled the ankles with three rows of ruffles.  Little girls like that, right?

Only I was having a blond moment and made the pants a few sizes too big.  Like they'll fit V in high school.  Have you gaffed like this too?


Beth said...

I just made my daughter a pair of pants that fit well except for the fact they come halfway up to her armpits...

These are very cute, love the red.

Melissa said...

Every skirt I made for Wednesday when she was two still fits her now? (Except the denim one I made for your blog, she just grew out of that one...last week.) They will probably fit her right through until summer.
I love your ruffled pants. You have given me a great idea for sprucing up Wednesday's jeans (Or Rock and Roll pants, which is what she calls anything with a fly since she is hopelessly in love with stretch pants.)
Are you guys getting the same amazing weather out there?