23 October 2011

Sock Monkey Fun.. and work (not fun)

I bought this fabric on sale back in July and knew I wanted to make a sock monkey dress.

I used a simple design to contrast the busy pattern.  I love shirring at the neck.

  Six weeks ago, I went back to work full time.  I have all these conflicting thoughts about full time work/full time mothering that I'm sure I'll put together into a future post.  I haven't sewn much in the last six weeks.  I fall into bed exhausted around 8:30 every night. This dress was made back in July.   I am missing the creative outlet. 


Jen@thecraftingfiend said...

I hated how work sucked up my creativity.

Avery's Mama said...

I went back to work full time about 8 weeks ago. On the drive home I always grandioso plans of what I will accomplish when I get home. I hit the couch and never get up. I don't remember being this tired when I worked full-time before. I feel your pain!!! While I am grateful for the work, I miss staying at home with my almost 4 year old. She is learning so much and I feel I am missing out on some of it. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

maarnietvangrijs said...

This is so awesome!!!! Lovely dress, cute monkey's!

Rhissanna said...

It will come back, that creative burst. It takes a little time, you have to adjust to the schedule and the job needs to be kinda automatic (so you're not having to learn new procedures all the time) At some point, you'll want to claw something back for yourself and then you'll be able to make and do things again.

I wrote my first novel (don't get excited, it's still not publishes lol!) when I had 4 children and was a full time high school teacher. I desperately needed so space for me,and when I found it, I wrote.

Your creativity is part of your identity. It's not gone, it's just a little overwhelmed. But new experiences, new people, they help to feed it and it will come back. Honest.

PS I love that dress and that cute fabric!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Love this dress! I just picked up the Christmas version of the sock monkey fabric from one of dealers at the Creativ Festival in Toronto. It is so hard working full time,juggling priorities, and the unexpected and still finding the time to sew. I do hope you can find the balance and your groove soon. Love your blog, never miss a post.

Jenny said...

I understand about trying to find balance! It will come but it does take time and sometimes I realize that I end up making it much harder on myself that I really need to be. Sometimes it's only getting the dress cut out and a week later I might get it actually finished but it will happen. And give in to those 8:30 bed times. Our body knows what we need. There will also be days when suddenly you are able to stay up until midnight get get so much accomplished!

Good luck!