26 October 2011

A Little More of the Little Handmades

I squeaked out one more little project on the weekend.  A wee brown jacket with some mushroom trim.

It was another one of those hmmm-I'll-just-wing-it-and-see-what-transpires gigs.  A bit of mushroom non-symmetry happening on the inside.

The red button makes me smile.  The brown polyester doesn't make V smile.  She announced that she's never, ever, ever wearing it.  Ever. 


SaraJ said...

I would wear it! Very cute

cbryan said...

Haha! Not ever? What a funny response! It's cute though! :)

Anonymous said...

Super cute! Where do you get your fabrics?

indywriter said...

I love that mushroom fabric! And the red button really makes the whole thing.

At least now you won't get your hopes up for her to wear it... Never is a pretty long time. :)

Miss Prudence said...

Hi I just read your profile and bravo! I love that you know yo didn't invent sewing - I have seen some blogs that carry on as if they did, one blogger absolutely forbade other from copying a style of dress, a style I have seen pictures of my Nan wearing as a child!!!!!!
Your kids are gorgeous and love your craftwork.
see you again!