28 September 2011

Winging It

Sometimes (okay many times) I just wing a design and it's a total flop.  And many times (er sometimes ) it turns out just right.

This is a lickety-split-decision-bubble-skirt (fancy technical name)

And a lined jacket with big sleeves.  I purchased the orangey-gold fabric from the decorator cotton section at the fabric store.  It was a $2.50-a-metre bargain.

And again, without a clear plan in mind, I just winged both garments.  Sometimes the results are frustrated-at-my-own-stupidity, and sometimes they are *just right*. 


SaraJ said...

These are definitely just right! Very clever. So cheerful!

Melissa said...

I have always, always enjoyed your colour pairings. That purple and orange makes me very happy. The outfit is adorable as well, nicely done mama.

Fun4Me said...

Soo cute! I especially love that orange and purple jacket!