31 August 2011

Revive a White Shirt With Fancy Cuffs and Collar - for Moms

I wear a lot of white shirts.  Bo-ring.  I'd been pondering how difficult it would be to dress up the cuffs and collar of a plain white dress shirt?  Turns out it was easy.  Here's how I did it:

Measure the inside of the cuffs widthwise and lengthwise.  Cut a piece of fabric with a seam allowance all around.

Iron all four edges under so that it equals the exact dimensions you just measured.

Sew the fabric to the inside of the cuff.  It helps to turn the cuff inside out.  (If you are covering any buttonholes, you may have to make new ones in your fabric.)

Choose a fabric for the inside of the collar.  I covered the placket (I think that's what that strip of fabric is called) - not the entire collar.  Measure the placket and once again cut fabric to fit after allowing for all four edges to be ironed under.

Pin then sew in place.

This is my old-new white shirt.


Petra said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this! So simple but i definitley would never have thought of it. I have a light beige summer jacket that i LOVE but it's old enough to be getting a little yellow around the collar, but otherwise still in good shape. This will give it a whole new life in several ways!

Weedlio said...

I saw this type of shirt on Modern Family worn by the character Cameron. I remember thinking that I could make it myself because I thought it was an interesting look. However, I never took the time to think it through and now you've done it for me! Thank You!

The Sewing Dork said...

I always admire Cameron's shirts on Modern Family too! That's where I originally got the idea.

a little sewing said...

That is really cute! Great idea.

Donna Gelineau said...

What a great way to revive a tired looking white shirt! I am a new follower.

Kelroy207 said...

I am definitely heading to the thrift store today and buying any white shirts I like, cause this is an awesome idea!! And maybe customizing some shoes to match???

Harpa Jónsdóttir said...

Beautiful! I have a shirt that is damaged by sunscreen. This might be just the way to save it!