12 August 2011

Me and V

Enjoying our summer at the olden days amusement park.  The rides are powered by pre-historic dishwasher engines - just my speed!


Attilio said...

i like v's hat, its looks really soft and frames her face so pretty,,have to make one for illaria. then again, she takes them off and drops them wherrreeevvver she feels like it. i dont know what i would feel if after i made her such a pretty hat, she disposes of it and looses it!!!!
you enjoy those rides dear,,,maybe a chilled glass of go!?

bpbajona at maltanet dot net

So Bella said...

Yay Heritage Park! :) We were there on Monday, was so much fun! I really like the tamer rides... Calaway Park scares the heck outta me lol. You look great BTW :)

Anonymous said...

CUTE! I LOVE all your sewing down below. I am totally with you about being a sewing DORK! I have a little one that I like to sew for also.