19 August 2011

Mason Jar Bubbles Artwork

Well, I dunno if you can call it a piece of "art", but aren't the revered museum pieces often this simple?

We used mason jar lids to stamp black circles on a canvas. V calls them bubbles.   My idea was to also add a single red circle, but the girls vetoed and I was out-voted.

It fits in with our very sparse decorating palette and the only cost was the canvas.  Mr. Dork asked if I picked it up at a thrift store or someone's back alley.  (Once I told him it was made by the girls, he was singing its praises.)


miamihoney said...

Creative and made with love..the best artwork ever!!

Tina said...

I just did something similar. I love how it looks!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

It's art to me, I like the large scale! I love printmaking like this. My girls make their Christmas wrapping paper using this technique (with star cookie cutters, etc.) on kraft paper!