25 July 2011

Katie Did Dress Knock Off

So many of us are fans of the retired Katie Did Journal.  One of my favorite posts was about the R Dress.    I wondered if when V got to be the same age as the little girl in the R Dress if V would start looking for the letter V everywhere we went.  And she did.  So I made the V Dress.

The R Dress had a beautiful 40s flair to it and was simple black and cream with a row of back buttons.  I'm not so sure I like this pale purple and grey combo.
It looks a bit like I've nabbed someone's Amish child.

But V loves her V.


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

So cute!!! I love your little Amish child!

Rhissanna said...

The little Amish photo is TOO cute.

And so is my parcel of goodies from the green fabric giveaway. They are just charming and I'm already thinking up what to make with them. Thank you, thank you!