14 July 2011

Can I Get That in Black?

Maybe it's considered a sombre color for children?  There's a lack of basic back kids clothing on the market.

I made this top for V out of the Mister's old tshirt.
I like the ruffly hem look without being overly ruffly, know what I mean?

Gymboree makes a lot of girls' tops with this kind of shirred neckline, but not in basic black.  Me likes.

I threw it together without a plan and it came together quite simply.  I will try to tutorialize this week.


Avery's Mama said...

Can I get that in a bigger size? Too cute!

Tina said...

I also wonder about the lack of black for kids. I have made a few tops for my daughter using black t-shirts and she looks great in them. Gray too.

Jamie said...

Love the black/shirring combo. Looks great!

TracyKM said...

Love this! It's not just black...I was trying to find plain dark blue or red for a photo shoot, and couldn't find anything (cheap). My older daughter likes black, but none of it is plain; this would be good for her!