18 July 2011

Bear Sized Bibs - a Free Download

(He's having laxative tea in case you're wondering.  When she's not feeding them, V loves to announce that her guys have to go to the bathroom.)  Below is free pdf of a bear or doll sized bib that you can make yourself.  If your bears are drinking laxative tea too, don't worry.  I'm working on a doll diaper pdf.

CLICK HERE for the bib pattern template download. 

Bib construction:  Cut two from fabric.  Place right sides together.

Sew along outside edge, leaving open a 2" gap along one side.

Clip any curved edges (so the seams are nice and smooth when you turn it right side out).

Turn right side out.  Topstitch the whole bib which closes the 2" gap.

Add a button, snap or velcro to close.

Feed bear.


Avery's Mama said...

Bears need love too! I also make itty bitty bibs, but not for bears, just dolls.