30 June 2011

Jessy Dressy

I used some of the pattern pieces from the Jessy Junior Top that I posted about a few days ago to make a recycled tshirt dress. 

Could I call it the Jessy Dressy?

The skirt is a mish-mash of Big Sister's old tshirts.  The neckline trim was a shirt tie-back in its previous life. 

I'd like to sew with more knits in the future, despite the fact that good ones are nearly impossible to find in local stores and they make me swear when their edges roll up under my sewing machine needle.  I shall persevere because they really suit a little kid well in their stretchy-washable-don't wrinkle kind of way.

Hurray for another free dress!


Christine said...

Just do it more often and I bet you'll start to love it! I would much rather sew with knits than with wovens. Although, you are right, they are hard to come by. I pay too much sometimes to have them shipped to me! Cute dress!

Darny said...

Love it! I wish my "pretty pink princess" (her words) tomboy would wear dresses, last one I made she told me I could give away.... to her male cousin no less!

cookieandclaire said...

Why is it that every big chain store is full of cheap knits but a real fabric store is so lacking for them? I usually use old t shirts for claire's little things too!

Lorna Croft said...

i like the dresses pretty much. I like the design and hope that it is made from good linen.