03 June 2011

The Joy of Making Things

I'm coming up on my blog's second birthday this month.  Each month, I think I'll peter out of ideas to write about, but stuff keeps coming to mind.  Does every blogger fear that their creative well will dry up? 

I first started out blogging about stuff I'd recycled or designed.  This gave me more confidence in my sewing, and I branched out to try any pattern I could get my hands on.  Now I am motivated to get back to where I started and focus on creating my own designs again.  I'm hardly reinventing sewing here, but I like creating garments with no clear outcome in mind.  I just start cutting and piecing (and drinking wine) and see what results.

Other times I lie in bed at night and design something in my head, then figure out how the pieces should go together.  Sometimes it's a fail, and sometimes it's a fit.

While the sewing skills are coming along, I can't figure out for the life of me how to cut and paste the Random number generator at when I draw a winner, nor how to number my comments on my blog so I don't have to count them all to find the winner.  But, I have mastered the buttonhole and figured out how to knock off most garments.  Something learned.   I am going to attempt to get a couple of these patterns down on paper for either a pdf or printed version.  Does anyone know where I can get paper patterns printed en masse?

I'll be back soon with some not-earth-shattering new ideas.


Attilio said...

oh cynthia, it would so cool to have a friend like you live nearby, you make life sound so easy....something i just love in you....thanks for all you say/do to keep us down to earth!
bpbajona (at) maltanet dot net

Jenn Girl said...

When I can't sleep at night I too dream of dress designs and other creations. Makes for good dreams! I also fear sometimes my creativity will dry up!

Momma C Designs said...

Well, you just summed up why I started my blog. Dreaming and drawing clothes...and now I get to actually make them and see them on my bambino! Kinko's, by the way, will do mass prints on pretty much any scale and they have thin print paper as an option to reduce bulk. Congrats on your second birthday! Love your blog!

Drawstring said...

i totally have the same prob with frustrating! :)