28 June 2011


My eldest had her year end voice recital on the weekend. She's been at it for a number of years, and each year I'm surprised how fearless kids are. Whether they're soloing...
Or in a group
They have no fear.
I grew up singing and playing the piano, but never had this kind of nerve.  If that was me on stage, my hands would be shaking badly.
Where do they get it? 
I hope they never lose it.

I thought this was sweet - last night between numbers, they guys from the band (who had to be in their 20s) played on the swings.  They were a hoot to watch because they were really enjoying themselves. 

No fear of anyone laughing at them.  That's cool by me.


Jennifer S said...

Awesome pics:) In a raw, real kind of way :)

Chef Mama Lori said...

I love this! I was like you---scared to death on stage! Though, I was in the dance team & had to perform in a group, I got scared before every football game. My older one is like me, my younger dd has no fear of being on stage. Congrats to your dd for her bravery! I bet it was a GREAT recital!LOVE the big boys on the swings.

Alexandrite Woman said...

I'd love to help you destash by receiving some of those beautiful fabrics!