13 June 2011

Crafterhours Skirt Week

Working on all those vintage sheet skirts got me thinking that maybe I'd like to enter one in Crafterhours Skirt Week.  This one is a mix of vintage sheets and a modern apron panel. 

Trouble is, Crafterhours would like to see your skirt on a real person.  It took me days to convince V to put the darned thing on, then out of 30-odd photos, I ended up with the one where she's sitting on the skirt
 the one where she's running away from me
 and the one where Brown Bear is hogging the spotlight.
I'll spare you the one where she's flying down the slide with the skirt hiked up around her neck.

Those of you who blog about children's clothes are nodding along because this happens to you too, all the time right?  Seriously, sewing the clothing is probably less effort for me than getting a decent photo of it. I used to bribe her with candy (every photo in the first year of my blog features V holding a lollipop), but she won't model for food anymore.

When I wanted to photograph my eldest daughter's bike for sale yesterday, V was all over that.  Every shot of the bike includes this saucy little extra:
And I am pretty sure it's illegal to list your kid on Craigslist.


Kristy said...

Hilarious!!!! (but so painfully true!) That is a super cute pic of her with the bike though! ;) ps...I think you should use the one with brown bear anyway, I love all the dandelions in the background, that's a child's paradise and it pairs very sweetly with that adorable skirt! Good luck on winning too! :)

Caren said...

Bribery, girl! Give her an M&M for every smile. Or a mini-marshmallow! Or a chocolate chip! Do it for your sanity :)

Suburbsmama said...

that is such a adorable little skirt!

mamaTAVE said...

That is hilarious! Yes, mine is definitely a ham when I don't need her to be. I think she's preparing me, early, for the teenage years... Does that sound about right?!

Anonymous said...

I just love the colour combination :)

Anna said...

ha, that's so funny! I love the skirt though, it's so sweet. :)

cookieandclaire said...

My child only wants to wear a pair of second hand pj's from the thrift store - they have minnie mouse on the front of them. I feel your pain!

tejanamama said...

I want this fabric!!!!! It is adorable!!! What line is it?