28 July 2011

Boutique Dresses De-Constructed

I really like some of the features of the pricey "boutique" dresses I see on Etsy, but never have the funds to actually buy one (hmmm... dress or groceries?... dress or groceries?)  When I first resumed sewing a couple of years ago, I was mystified by some of the techniques.  These days, if I stare at a garment long enough, I can usually figure it out. I thought I'd share a few of the boutique techniques with those of you who are new to sewing.  One of my first loves was the panelled skirt look which combines coordinating fabrics all in one dress.  I did it in a skirt here, but this is my first attempt at a dress.

The red dress V is wearing below is made of the same pattern as the above, but all pieces were cut from identical fabric.  To make the dress above, I made the skirt by cutting several same-sized strips of fabric and sewing them together.

And another strip of fabric was sewn around the bottom to form a border.

(This pattern calls for the skirt to be gathered then attached to the top.  Works perfectly for this technique).

Hmph.  It was easier than I thought.