26 May 2011

Weather for Pictures

Hurray!  It is finally springy enough here in Alberta to take some outdoor photos.  This is a top I made during the winter for V.

I showed it to you a few months ago, hanging on a hanger.  I like it much better in action.
 Blues and reds together are divine :)  Those shoes with the outfit, er, not so much.  On the other hand I'm thankful when I can get my three year old to wear any shoes at all.


Fun4Me said...

How adorable - I love the fabric and the design!

Sandra :) said...

Your daughter is a sweetie, and the outfit is adorable :)

It hasn't warmed up much here (Ontario) yet - between the rain and the cool weather (right now it's 13C) it feels like summer will never arrive!

sertyan said...


stickyvic19 said...

It's gorgeous! Would love to have a go at making it for my own daughter (who cares if we're heading into Autumn already!)