31 May 2011

Tunic Time

  This is one of the first dresses I made a couple of years ago when I began making little people dresses.

I didn't use a pattern, but aimed for an a-line shape and a front pleat.

I made bias tape to trim the neckline and back closure.

And I *heart* it.


Kristy said...

I "heart" it too! Super cute! Looks like it wears wonderfully too. You should make a pattern! :)

deerie65775 said...

What an amazing talent!! It's a wonder anyone sews in today's world where they no longer offer Home Ec.!
I agree with Krisy, you should make a pattern!
I also "heart" it! <3

Natalia said...

Your tunic has given me a great idea for sizing down a large top for a little dress, by putting pleats like yours in the front and back. That would make the neck smaller and be a cute pleat as a bonus. I went to the second hand store and bought a cute top to try it on. I plan to sew down the sides of the pleat an inch or two. Plus sew up and in the armpit to make it fit better there too, creating that a-line you mention. I'm excited! Thanks for sharing this cute creation of yours.

Melissa said...

Love the pleated sleeves!

Susanne said...

Add me to the I "heart" it list. Very pretty! The stitching on the cuffs is a nice detail.

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