20 May 2011

I Should Be Grey

My hair that is.  Last night, V launched herself off the couch Superman-style and landed teeth first on the hardwood floor.  Geez, mouths bleed a lot.  The good news is the teeth are still there, but the bad news is they may turn brown or black (I forgot to ask the dentist why - I assume the root dies) and stay that way until her adult teeth come in.  Years from now.  Ack.

My oldest child only once required a hospital visit (three stitches to the scalp) and it wasn't even on my watch. 

V has been to the hospital so many times I'm afraid they'll name a wing after her. Just after she learned to walk, she climbed up on my bed and hurtled herself off nearly breaking an ankle. Weeks later she crashed into an open gate and cut her face. Here she is a few days later looking very much recovered.
Last summer she gave herself a scary head injury falling off the climber at the playground.  Her hair was pink for days from the blood.  There's the lesson she learned about not pissing off a wasp's nest and the one about freefall-on-the-driveway-means-lots-of-bandaids.  I thought it was only boys who did this to their mothers.  The worst part is, I am usually there and within arm's reach to witness these accidents but my reflexes aren't quite as fast as her and gravity.  I feel awful, like the time when she was an infant and the doctor said to me "Do you realize she has a burst eardrum?"  Well obviously, no since she couldn't tell me.  Was I supposed to know?   Is there a limit on the number of times a child is allowed to give you a heart attack?
 I want to wrap her in bubble wrap until college.


Kristy said...

Oh no! Poor baby (and mama!). One of my little fellas had the same thing happen. His dentist explained that the tooth is trying to strengthen itself, thus the color change. My guy hasn't lost those teeth yet, and while you can see a color difference, it faded significantly since the initial incident and the gum bruising faded. I swear, I think if the over adventurous kiddos came first we'd all only have one! ;) They certainly redefine life and motherhood with a whole new level of excitement!

Sara said...

I believe the color change is, as you said, the root dying. Where the dentist would normally perform a root canal on an adult tooth, it wouldn't make much sense to do that to a tooth that will eventually fall out anyways. You have quite a daredevil!! I think that means she will be a fun and adventurous adult!!

LB3K said...

Darn it! Those babies of the family just think they can do everything. . . hope you all recovery quickly. ;0)

Brandi said...

Awww, bless her heart... and yours! You are so right, the mouth bleeds A LOT. Ugh. Makes my knees weak just thinking about it. My middle is my daredevil - broke each of his arms before he turned 5. The last time we took him to the ER, my poor hubby got the 3rd degree from a very rude nurse.

mamareav said...

My youngest is exactly the same, she frightens the hell out of me, I blogged about her last week, pop over and compare scars!
Our motto is now bump down the stairs - on your bum not your head!

Indigo Blue said...

My daughter fell over at school (she was 4) and cracked her face on the floor. It actually pushed her two front teeth upwards and inwards. The inside of her lip looked so painful and purple. She was very brave, bless her. She had x-rays at the dentist and we too were told that they would go black due to damaged blood supply. Luckily they were her milk teeth. They in fact only discoloured. It was not too bad at all and if you were not in the know you would not have suspected what had happened. So I shall keep my fingers crossed that V has the same luck as my Sophie. When Sophie was about V's age she was crawling and her hands slipped, she fell face down and caught the edging trim of the patio doors, it is made of aluminium! I have never been so scared and she cried alot. Another trip to the doctors. I also taught Sophie to come down the stairs on her bum as she is so independent that stopping her was impossible so a compromise was needed, it worked. Now i worry when she comes down them too fast! Will the worry ever end? No.

TracyKM said...

My son is proprioceptively challenged so he was always falling, bumping, etc (like me). My third child had fine and gross motor planning issues and poor impulse control. Luckily, she mostly gets minor bumps. Except for one day when she was 2 years, 4 months old. She burnt both hands on the stove in the morning, and then in the evening she ran into the corner of an opening and knocked out her front tooth :( Luckily, by the time she was 3 1/2, she had grown so much, people assumed she was older and naturally losing teeth. We started a new motto: Feet before Face when going down slides, falling, etc. Hope her teeth are okay!