25 May 2011

Fabric Locally

I get a lot of email from fellow Canadian readers asking where I buy my fabrics.  As far as I know, Canada only has one national chain store, Fabricland, but if I'm wrong on that please correct me.  I'm in a small province of only 3.7 million so Fabricland is the only place I shop locally.  Even Walmart stopped selling fabric years ago.  Lots of you say that Fabricland doesn't thrill you, and I hear you, but have they improved their stock over the last 12 months!  If you haven't been there lately, I'd urge you to try them again.  This past weekend all the quilting cottons were on sale for $5.00 a metre.  I got these silly sock monkeys at that price
 As well as all of these prints. 
There are a ton of Michael Miller prints at Fabricland this year; not the newest ones, but who cares?  Coincidentally, I asked the owner of a quilt shop why we don't see the Joel Dewberry and Denyse Schmidt type lines in local stores.  She said it's because each fabric manufacturer has to buy a lisence to sell in different countries, and perhaps in a small market like Canada it's just not worthwhile for them.  I used to buy online or at the pricey local quilt shops, but that's not in the budget anymore.  (I have noticed that June and July are super times to buy fabric on sale at Fabricland; it must be clearance time to make way for fall fabrics.) 

 I am working on a sweet dress with the yellow and teal fabrics.  My total cost for the dress fabric will be under $10.00.


fenna said...

in the west i believe there's Marshalls as well.

Valerie said...

I saw some Michael Miller fabrics at Fabricland, not my cup of tea but encouraging! Drives me nutty though that they only sell one type of quilting weight solid, and it's expensive ($10/M) and only comes in about a dozen colours. Surely they could carry Kone cottons or ANYTHING else?

(I'm in Ontario, the shopping is no better here let me tell you!)

~Carla~ said...

I've found the odd fabric at Fabricand, but 95% of my fabric stash comes from the U.S. that I find in different Etsy shops. Even WITH shipping it's cheaper (and I can find the designers I like) there. It's too bad good fabric is harder to find here... I'm in Ontario & feel your pain! lol!

Sandra :) said...

Wow I've never seen that monkey fabric at the Fabricland here (just north of Toronto) - our local store is less than impressive *ahem*. Their flannel selection has been appalling, but they've finally started to get in some nice prints. It's not always nice flannel though - sometimes it pills like crazy and sometimes it doesn't - it's a crap shoot. I like their 50% off sales, but I prefer to head to Buffalo and shop Joanns, or to order fabric online - Fabricland's selection leaves a lot to be desired in the quilting/crafting fabric department. I still manage to spend quite a bit of money there every month though, so at least I'm still supporting the local economy, lol.

Crystal said...

I buy most of my fabric at Fabricland too, especially on their sales. I have 3 stores to choose from in Edmonton and 1 in Red Deer so I can usually find enough to keep me broke :) I miss being able to buy the whole line, especially for special projects. Lately I've bought a few pieces in a small village where one of the women has opened a quilt shop. I love being able to stop in when I'm babysitting our grandchildren instead of having to drive an hour to the big city. It is more expensive but I try to support her a bit. That's where the fat quarters in my giveaway came from! You just won - so I hope you will enjoy them!!!!!

P.S. I am emailing you in 1 minute!!

Anne Maskell said...

Like other readers, I live in Ontario too. Although I usually find something I like when I visit my local Fabricland, I wish that there was a broader selection to be had. I find that the patterns and colours in quilting cottons leave a lot to be desired. Buying online is an option, but like many others it's just not feasible at this time. Congratulations on your win!

N. Perez said...

Yes, for us Canucks, Fabricland seems like the one place to go for fabrics. I like my local fabricland and can't wait for their June sale. If you're a member there is a special sale for members too.
Am I sounding like an add for fabricland? :) I'm just trying to be content with what I got, I guess.

Sandra :) said...

I'm glad I'm only a few hours away from Buffalo :) I do love Fabricland's Members Only sales, though - I stock up on notions and tone on tone fabrics :) I'd love to know why they think $5 for a fat quarter is reasonable, though - that makes me crazy. Even at quilt stores name brand batik FQ's are less than $5, let alone plain no-name TOT prints like Fabricland sells!