09 May 2011

Any Mother - A GiftAway (giveaway closed)

This giveaway is now closed to comments.  Thank you to everyone who shared a touching story.  A winner will be chosen soon.
(I'm a day late)...Happy day to all you mothers, hope-to-be mothers and daughters of mothers.
Source:  Microsoft
 After doing a family geneology project last year, I was reflecting on how hard life has been on past generations. Most of us reading this blog today have never seen our children go without food.
Source:  John Dominis, Life
We have never parented through terrible circumstances that we can't control, like the Great Depression or a war.
Source:  Dorthea Lange, Life
 We have not had to make unbelievable choices.
(Saddest book I ever read.  Three times.)

Most of us have seen our share of good times with our families.
  And not so much of the bad.
Source:  John Dominis, Life
 But we all have our challenges unique to the time in which we live.  Some of us go hungry so our children won't have to.  Some of us give birth to children we'll never see again.  Some of us have children suffering and wish we could take their place.  Mothers have financial pressures, marital pressures, parenting pressures.  Most of us know a mother who could use a pick-me-up.  In honour of Mother's Day, I'd like to do a special giveaway for someone I don't know.  A mother in need.  Any mother.  Of any circumstance.  Here's my idea:  if you know a woman who could use a pick-me-up package in the mail, leave a comment below with your contact information (not your friend's - we'll keep her identity private of course).  I will choose a "winner" from all the comments and get in touch with you via email. You can give me some ideas of the things your friend/sister/neighbour/colleague might like to receive and I'll create a package for her.  We'll coordinate whether you want me to mail the package to you for delivery or whether you'd like it to arrive at your friend's home anonymously. 

Comments open until May 15th closed now. 
Happy Day.


Tina said...

This is such a beautiful idea. My best friend is going through a rough patch right now. Three weeks ago her Nana, whom she is super close to, went to the doctor because she was feeling super tired. Turned out she had a 20lb tumor in her abdomen. They did surgery to remove it, but she just isn't getting better. She hasn't fully woken up since the surgery, she is in pain, and very anxious. The have moved her to hospice because there is nothing the dr.s can do for her. My best friend lives hours away and has a job and a family so it is hard for her to be in both places at once. I just went through something similar with my grandmother and I know that any little thing to brighten the day is good. My BF loves to knit, drink coffee and run.

Thank you for this fantastic giveaway. I may use this idea in the future, if you don't mind.

Caren said...

What a wonderful idea! I have a deserving candidate: she has 7 children, two are autistic. The eldest is having serious anger issues. This mother (who ends up being a punching bag) is at the end of her rope, her husband is not helping her (he's barely there), and her younger children live in fear of the explosive anger. I won't go into any more details to protect her identity, but this mother needs stress relief. If you do happen to pick this mother as your gift recipient I'll give you some ideas of what her favorite things are - I know her well. My email is in my profile. Thanks

Rachel T said...

What a lovely idea. I have someone I'd like to nominate - someone I hardly know, in a way, as she is another user on an internet forum on parenting that I use a lot. Tragically, her three year old son has just died very suddenly. I can't imagine how she must be feeling, and whilst I know nothing can make her feel better, I do think things showing people are thinking of her must help a little.

Kristy said...

I think this is such a warm and thoughtful idea! Rather than enter, I'm going to send the friend I instantly thought of a random gift myself because of your inspiration. Thanks for the nudge! :)

Tara said...

This is a sweet idea. There is a single mother that I know, who has to fight her own bipolar issues as well as that of two children also with bipolar (one with autism). She works hard to give her children a good life. She likes to sew and embroider. She loves her arts and crafts.

Vicki in UT said...

I have a friend whose husband refuses to support her monetarily. He is diabetic and about to lose his job, and though he buys groceries, they are sometimes wierd things, like30 boxes of cereal that he won't eat, or 50 beef roasts that were on sale, or 100 bags of after-the-holiday chocolate. This lady does without her car (he won't pay the insurance), her phone (he won't pay the bill), etc. When she has a car, she takes elderly friends shopping, she is always sewing for other, and giving away things she thought she was sewing for herself. A gift bag of cute fabric would really make her day.

Attilio said...

what a lovely idea cynthia. the friend i am thinking about was living in libya till about 8 weeks ago, then she and her husband and 2 children had to flee with the clothes on their back and 2 rucksakes, leaving everything behind. her husband is not getting any salary as nothing can come out of libya and is trying to find other work. since she has been here, her mother (only 62yrs old and an amazing ceramist/potter) passed away very very suddenly. they are living in borrowed accomodation and have no idea whats happened to their house/stuff. shes always out to help others and she does deserve a pep up! thanks becky bpbajona (at) maltanet dot (net)

mama3davis said...

This is a wonderful idea. I have a neighbor (and friend) who has three children. Her oldest is a freshman in high school and has spinabifada. (sp?!) She adopted her and has the biggest heart ever. They have gone through some really tough choices and now her daughter can't even go to the bathroom herself. Her daughter is about 140 lbs and is moved by my friend at least 12 times a day. The doctors are unsure of where to go next and the last experimental treatment made things a lot worse, rather than better. My friend loves to knit and is a creative person. I have been trying to come up with something for her. I know she would LOVE a good surprise.

mama3davis at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I have been crying now over a week for a woman I don't even know and her brave little boy who had neuroblastoma. I was following her story on her blog that was shared by a mom friend. He hung on for her for 8months and just through mother's day and then died that night. And actually, I think he would have been 4 years old this Thursday. This mama is close to a friend of mine. I like many, am someone who was inspired by her story and reminded to be thankful. I instantly fell in love with her little man, he was simply beautiful while he was here. I could get her info if you are interested in sending a much needed pick me up to a grieving mama.

Anonymous said...

My info, sorry is bkcthree at gmail dot com for post above.

Kathie said...

My friend is a mother of three teenagers, a daughter-in-law and a beautiful grandson. She has been a glue for her family. Her son got his then girlfriend now wife pregnant and instead of alienating either of them she invited the young lady into their home and family and is in the process of helping her learn how to be a mom. Her daughters have gone through the typical teenage drama and they still know she loves them and will do the best she can for them. Basically an amazing woman.
The day before Mother's day she received news that her home was burning. Everything is gone. All her scrapbooks and pictures, all the treasures from childhood, everything. Her daughter-in-law has lost everything from the first two months of her sons life. And yet they are pressing on, trying to build life from scratch knowing that as long as they have each other all will be ok.
I am sure she would love a pick-me-up of really anything, they literally have what they were wearing when they left the house Saturday and what has been given to them since, but she loves her family and scrapbooking was one outward expression of that love so even something as simple as some supplies would be nice.
wizkathome (at) gmail(dot) com

Jennifha said...

I love this idea! My mom does sooo much for me and my 2 children with Autism. I would love to thank her. I really don't know how I would get through this challenge in my life without her.

A Basket Case said...

Is there an option for any one of us to gift something to one of these woman who may not be chosen for your giveaway? I am an avid, life long crafter with a huge stash of fabric, yarn, craft and assorted small giftware from my retail business, that I would like to pay forward to someone who otherwise wouldn't "win".

The Sewing Dork said...

A Basket Case above - I cannot find any contact email address for you, but if you email me, well I love your idea! Let's connect and see how we can help out more of these ladies.

indywriter said...

One of my best friends has been going through a long, dark period. A couple of years ago, after learning of their long awaited second pregnancy, they miscarried. Shortly after that she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She had surgery and radioactive iodine treatment, which kept her away from her young daughter for a time. Her daughter has not dealt well with this and has been acting out and having trouble in school. Her husband has also battled depression as result. They didn't get all the cancer and had to do a second surgery. Her husband lost his job (which provided their insurance). He found another job, but was just laid off. The radiation helped through her into early menopause, so their one shot of IV didn't work. They have looked into adoption, but her health history makes this a long shot at best. Now she needs back surgery, but can't afford to take the time off from her job or to pay for the surgery.

She is angry at God.

I want so many good things for my friend and her family. I would just love to see her get a pick me up. She is not crafty (despite my insistence that she *does* have it in her to learn how to use her sewing machine), but she is the kind of friend that appreciates homemade and supporting independent artists and artisans.