26 April 2011

I've Seen the [Sun]Light

Amazing.  Three hours in the air can take you from this (for those of you who don't live in a snowy climate, they're big horn sheep and they're licking the salt off our bumper):
To this:
I was expecting coconuts to fall on my head.  (Do palm trees produce coconuts, or is that only in the Curious George books?)
Mr. Dork and I have been searching for a vacation haven heaven for a few years now.  We bought some cottage land locally a couple of years back, but decided the summers here stink (weatherwise, not due to any immense heat) so we rarely go there.  I'm sure the adjacent neighbours are thrilled with the weeds that have overtaken the property.  Then we bought a motorhome to take us warmer places.  If you've never camped in a motorhome, let me tell you straight up that cramming five people in 50 square feet during a hot July can only lead to divorce.  We sold it a month later to some poor unsuspecting family that thought it would be "fun".   Last year Mr. Dork bought a house in Arizona.  He and the littles have been, but I only made my first trip there last week.
Oh my gosh. 
It's heavenly.
There was endless sunshine.  Endless.  And the glorious heat!  We had to install a pool in the backyard :)  (That's someone else's mansion in the background.  Bet they're thrilled to overlook our pool.)
Not so glorious in July I'm told, but after 7 months of winter I was rabid.  All the locals were wearing jeans in the 90+ degree heat - apparently, that's not hot to them?!  My family was clad in as little as possible, soaking up all the vitamin D we could.  I was propped up in a lawn chair from about 7 a.m. to sundown trying to darken my scary white legs.  Day One - look how they blend into the white cement.
Ah, what's a vacation for but wearing a ponytail and your most wrinkled clothes and getting flattering photos of yourself taken?  I read five novels, and I went shopping.
Oh my gosh.
The shopping.
I was stunned at how cheap the consumer goods and groceries were! We pay about 40% more for the same items in Canada. 
I know every city has different housing prices, but I nearly fell over when we were passing all these signs advertising new (nice!) houses that said, "Houses from the $80s", "Houses from the $90s".   Can you imagine?  It seemed like such a good deal that I wanted to buy a dozen.  Believe me, I can't afford a dozen, but I hate to pass up a sale.
My favorite moment though was visiting the library in a real classy part of town and smack dab on the front door is a sign telling you you can't bring your gun inside.  I think that most Canadians, unless arrested at gunpoint, will never see a pistol in their entire lives, especially not at the library!
If I haven't sold you yet on Arizona, you should also know there are dragons you can ride:
And not a snow cloud in the sky.


Debbie V said...

very funny post. love it :)

Melissa said...

While we don't have the snowy cold anymore, we have the oh-my-gosh-is-it-ever=going-to-stop-raining-cold here. I understand how you must have felt getting off of that plane. Loved the bit about the houses on sale. KNowing the Albertan housing market I can imagine how your jaw must have dropped. How long are you there for?

missbossypants said...

ooooh, this Canadian is JEALOUS!!!
LOVE how you just can't pass up a sale, or motto is "you can't afford NOT to buy it!"
Enjoy yourself and shop til you drop with the fabulous Canadian dollar! ;)

Chartreuse Moose said...

Oh my, you've sold me! I live in a slightly milder snow area...and after this winter...I'm still trying to find all my marbles! So glad you had fun....!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! I'm so happy that you're getting some sunshine! Of course, you need to come back, say, in August to get the full experience of the southwest. That's when the night time temperatures 'only' drop to the upper 90's and the day time temperatures hover around 115, sometimes 120. It's pretty miserable!

wackywoman said...

Enjoy your holiday.

Sherry said...

I was wearing jeans today it is 91 degrees really not hot compared to the 99 but feels like 110 in July ... here in Florida! But love every second of it and the fact I can go to the beach in January :) have fun on your vaca!

kc said...

We live in our RV full time! And LOVE it! The first picture is EXACTLY why we RV full-time! It gets too cold, we just pack up & move on!!!

We're in South Texas, so we can relate to your loving Arizona! It's been in the low 90's for a while here, and humidity is about 100%, but still no rain for us. We haven't seen rain since ummm...heck, I don't remember when! Oh, yeah, since last year, about this same time! All our rain is getting stuck in Missouri...those poor folks!

Glad you had a good time tho!! Hope you didn't have to return to snow!!!!!

Christine said...

Wowee! Still sitting in snow it is hard to imagine that there is hot sun anywhere in the world. It isn't fair, is it?
I would love to sit in some of that sun right now!

Deanna McCool said...

I want to go! Now. I live in northern Indiana and when we moved here, my husband thought he'd get transferred to the company plant in Arizona. Then Sept. 11, 2001 happened. And there were no more transfers. Only layoffs. He was not let go (thankfully), but here we are, still, in northern Indiana. And my legs are scary white about now, too!!

SewTara said...

My hubby and I were in South Carolina a few years back and were horrified/amused at that same sort of library sign!
So bizarre, why would you take a book into a library? hehe

Avery's Mama said...

We live here in Arizona thinking how awesome it would be to have sheep licking our tires in the snow! I look at all the lovely pictures you post during winter and think 'if only we had some of that here in Phoenix'. Life is funny.

And it's legal to carry a weapon here if you have a permit. So you have to tell some of the pistol packin' people to leave them in the car!

Sascha said...

Don't let them fool you when they say wait till July. It's a dry heat. A glorious dry heat. My sister lives in Las Vegas and it's fabulous weather all year round. That's what AC is for. I live in California and houses for the 90's sounds like a downpayment. Maybe I need to head East.

Jessie said...

Nope, here in Phoenix 90 is still Jeans weather. I don't break out the shorts until it hits 105! So glad you loved our weather, hope you come and enjoy more! Also you will see a lot of those "no guns allowed" signs here.