03 April 2011

Hello, Carribean Airlines?

Did anyone else suffer another dump of this this weekend?  I'm foreseeing a vacation south in my future.
While we do go out in the snow to play a couple of times a day, a lot of our time is destined indoors. 
There are messes to make.
And to clean up.
(She does floors too)!
We play hide and seek.  She's a very noisy hider.  This usually involves crouching down on the chair and banging relentlessly on the piano.
And a little bit of exercise.  Ouch, the hardwood. 
Melt!  Melt!


Bless by Tone said...

oh, no - not more snow - we still have some snow left in our back yard, but the weather today was just lovely and the snow is melting really fast. Feeling for you. Tone

BarefootTams said...

We got the dump this weekend too. Fun fun. At least the sun is shining this afternoon..... and in a day or two it should all be gone again (gotta love the chinook weather) ;) But our entertainment has been much the same.... piano, cutting pasting, making messes, and building forts.

Christiana said...

Yup! We got dumped on this weekend. Forcast is for a chinook this week...yippee!!


Melissa S. said...

I'm with you sister. We got hit twice last week and are supposed to again tomorrow. And may I say that yesterday it was 90? Yes! Kansas. sigh. Where should we go? Somewhere warm and sunny, please.

SunShineyRain said...

i am never going to complaine about the heat down here in Louisiana again; i hope your snow melts soon!

Anonymous said...

We have no snow but I could really use a couple of sunny days in a row please

Melissa said...

While we are still getting snow here in Southern Ontario, it is nothing compared to a Calgarian dump! I wish you warmer temps soon!
p.s. We let Wednesday ride her scooter indoors on the hardwood...they call it hardwood for a reason yes? ;)

erinleee said...

we got part of that snow dump over here in saskatcha too. booo.
I did get lots of projects done. it made me think how when summer's really here, there'll be less time for inside craftiness. oh well!! bring it on!