23 March 2011

Teen T-Shirt Dress Tutorial

 Did you used to read Seventeen magazine when you were young?
Image:  Seventeen
Back in 7th grade, I had an issue of Seventeen (not this one - I'm not THAT old!) that showed you how to make your dad's tshirts into a minidress.  I wore that homemade, oversized, white thing everywhere and was so proud that I'd made it myself!  Here's a quick tutorial for a teen sized dress, updated for today's style.

You'll need two shirts.  The main shirt should fit you according to your taste.  The other shirt should be your dad's size - BIG. 
  Level off the bottom of the tshirt that's going to fit as the bodice.
 Cut off the dad's shirt below the armpits.  This fabric will form your skirt.
 The lower half of dad's shirt should be wider than your own shirt.
 Gather the skirt to roughly the width of your fitted tshirt bottom.
Pin in place (good sides together).  This section will have to stretch around your hips, so as you stitch stretch the fabric gently.
Add some trim if you like.  This dress is going to be a costume for the stage in our basement, so I picked music notes.


Aminat said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharing, this will be a tutorial for my 6 yr old girl to try out

Quiltin' Jenny said...

I made one of these! I think I was about 14 or 15 and wore it all over. Totally inappropriate because, of course, I made it too short. Must have driven my mother bonkers.

I don't remember if I got the idea from Seventeen, but I was a loyal reader. Thanks for the blast from the past!

Jessie said...

This would be perfect for beach cover-ups too.

MuMu said...

This is so cute! I love reading all about your sewing ideas!

Jana || One Drawing A Day said...

So simple and so cute!