01 March 2011

Rambling, Some Giveaway Links and Village Frock Winner Please Contact Me

February has come and gone.  A whole month of pattern reviews.  I didn't get to finish reviewing all the patterns I wanted to, so I will pepper March's posts with reviews and some giveaways here and there.

February here was colder and snowier than usual, and March is looking much the same.  To quote my friend The Mrs. from the Netherlands, "there is only so much inspiration you can get from grey and brown and white."  And there is only so much being cooped up indoors a three year old and her mother can take.  She does laps of the house on her tricycle, but Mr. Dork draws the line at me riding my mountain bike indoors.  Ugh, I need a pick me up!

On to some good news, the winner of the Village Frock is Caren.  Caren, you have no contact info on your profile so please email me.

For some more giveaway fun, check out CookieandClaire's blog for a chance to win a handmade rabbit.

And Brown Paper Packages is giving away a copy of this Sweet Little Dress pattern by Leila and Ben.


cookieandclaire said...

You inspired me with all your giveaways this month. Trying out one of my own!

Caren said...

What?!!! I won?!!! I've seriously NEVER won anything in my entire life :) And this is the perfect dress for my cutsie little girl! Thank you thank you thank you! I'm emailing you now.

cookieandclaire said...

Thanks for the shout out! And a post from you is worth more than facebook so consider yourself entered!

Torviewtoronto said...

congrats to the winner