13 March 2011

The Lowly Dishcloth

Not quite as glamorous as a new dress post, but we all have to clean house, right?
  There's never a shortage of tshirts and sweaters that need recycling at our house.
Today I turned a bunch into double sided dishcloths.
Anything with texture - waffle weave or knit - will give a bit of dish scrub-ability.
And since it's never too soon to learn about housework, V is getting some kitty backed cloths.
On the topic of spring cleaning, I wanted to share one of my favorite, cheap housecleaners.  The Used Lemon.
Once you've squeezed the bejeezus out of a lemon, you can add a bit of coarse salt and a touch of soap to scrub the bathroom or kitchen.  It is organic and inexpensive, and has the added bonus of smelling sweet.  Use the lemon in your hand as the "scrub brush".  I like that I can let V and her kitty cloths mix their own lemon-salt-soap mess without worrying about chemicals.
Happy housework (if there is such a thing)!


Mandi @ make it dear said...

great idea!

Anonymous said...

Love the upcycled dishcloths. The kitty fabric is so adorable. I use vinegar, baking soda, and lemon for cleaning. Check out this website:

Teri said...

Clever! :)

Resweater said...

Love it!

Melissa said...

Using a half lemon (unsqueezed) and salt is the best way to clean a wooden butcher block. Love your dish cloths@

Anonymous said...

Hey! thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment :) I loe natural cleaning products too, I havvent tried salt but I find bi carb is better than most commercail cleaners, especially for the bathroom and stainless steel.