19 March 2011

Little Bug Bubble Suit

When my 13 year old was young, I used to sew for her too. I'm kind of sad that I gave most of the clothes away, but I did keep one thing. This little bug bubble suit.
I think I bought these 3 dimensional ribbon bugs at Fabricland.
I had a very reliable snap setter back in those days... wish I could find it now.
The black fabric is a Mary Englebreit print.  It looks a little dated now, but the bubble suit itself has been accomodating cloth diaper bums for decades.


Patty said...

I have a very soon-to-be 13 year old daughter who I used to sew for also. I also made those bubble suits. If I recall correctly it was a simplicity pattern. I just loved those and she wore them so much in the summer. When I had my son, I also made the bubble suit but I didn't put elastic in the legs and it looked like shorts. I loved them!!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Such a sweet post and project. Love these little suits.

Brandi said...

Adorable! And a good reminder... I need to keep a few things that I've sewn for my daughter as she outgrows them. :)

Melissa said...

Such a sweet piece.