08 February 2011

Vogue 8392 Review

This is me attempting to sew Vogue #8392's view B shirt.

And this is me attempting to look like a model (not!)  I always edit my head outta the picture because I forgot to visit the hair and makeup department first.

Those sleeves looked so charming in the Vogue pattern drawing, but how ridiculous are they in real life? 

About this pattern:
Paper pattern.  #8392 Vogue comes in regular women's sizes.
  The neckline and sleeves involved some pleats, then the neckline is faced.  It's a pretty easy-to-make shirt. 

What I changed:  I had to add a three inch border to my finished shirt as it was quite short.  You can see the line where my two fabrics meet.  I was going to cover that line with a thin border of black ribbon, but I hadn't as of press time.  The neckline is also wide enough to pull over my head, so I could have skipped the back closure suggested in the pattern.  And those sleeves - the giant elbow balloons keep riding up into the crook of my elbow.  Not too practical unless you stand stark still all day.  They would be a great disguise if I suffered from fat elbows though, huh?

Today Brown Paper Packages is reviewing the Pleated Dress Top for girls and giving away two copies of the pattern.  This girl knows how to model!


LB3K said...

I think it looks really cute! ;0)

Attilio said...

the colour is reaaaly nice...what if you had to just take out the elastic of the sleeves and leave it wide open or maybe narrow the sleeve a little. the rest of the top is nice. and i like your idea for hiding the joining line with black ribbon.
bpbajona at maltanet dot net

Lisa said...

I think you should try pattern A that one looks really flattering and I agree with Attilio maybe make it a bell sleeve no elastic

Lisa said...

Actually it is pretty much pattern A without that added sleeve part.. you did a great job with the pleats at the neckline..that in Black would be HOT

dogwood said...

hmmm. Not crazy about those sleeves. They just seem, well, abrupt or something. I really like the neckline, though.

Melissa said...

The sleeves are nice but personally I could never consider elastic in a three quarter sleeve, It would drive me bananas! I can see the draw to view B, but I agree with an above commenter view a looks very flattering.

Kristen Cicali said...

She is soooooo flipping cute! you are soo creative momma!

S jak Sylwia i Szycie said...


Brandi said...

You are rockin' the runway there, girl, but yeah... the sleeves? Yikes! I think those would annoy me.