09 January 2011

Mom, Can I Sew Something?

Is it like this at your house? The (older) kids ask if they can sew something, then they abandon the project after the first 10 minutes.  Or you tell them, yeah yeah, go ahead then you find an entire meter of fabric lying injured on your floor with a circle cut out of its middle?  My eldest has been asking to make something for Little V for a long time, and after using every excuse in the book (bad mommy, bad mommy) I gave in.  Yep, in the middle of a January blizzard I helped my 12 year old make this sundress.   
I sewed the tricky parts of the bodice, but she did all the straight lines.   
And she added this design element to the pattern we used:  ruffles.  What two year old would be seen without them?
I suppose my mother/grandmothers had to be infinitely patient teaching me to sew too.  In my mind's eye, I completed every project I ever started (hardy har har).  You too, huh?


Vicki in UT said...

I must have been about 5 when my grandmother helped me embroider a doll nightgown (she died when I was 6). I could do everything but the french knots. I still remember taking a stitch and holding the thread out full-length, and laughing because she thought I was asking her to rethread my needle (again! lol). Your daughter will remember making this for years to come.

Anonymous said...

"...entire meter of fabric lying injured on your floor with a circle cut out of its middle..."

Oh Gracious! My kids - especially the boys - do this ALL THE TIME! And for what? A parachute for a rocket. A hat for the cat (uh, yeah.) A piece of green to make grass for the model car display. Grrrr!!!

SewHappyGeek @ excellcrafts said...

Hey, I gave you a blog award, because I love the blog! Check it out if you get a minute... :)
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Casey said...

She did a fabulous job....I need a 12 year old in my house to sew pretty dresses. Maybe I can teach my 4 year old to sew her own? Mine always come out wonky.