06 November 2010

Some Pom Pom Love

Right out of the gate, I'm breaking the rules.  This week's Sew What challenge was a handmade toy or stocking, and the challenge is called Sew What, but I didn't sew anything.  I wooled it.  With my own hands.  Does that count?

Taking my cue from this book:

I made a series of real wool pom poms for a friend's daughter.

V loved to manhandle these when she was small.

The pom pom is hardly cutting edge, but by using thick wool, the toy takes on a beautiful texture.  Little kids *love* tactile.

If you haven't made a pom pom since fifth grade, here's a recap.  Cut two matching circles out of some free cardboard, like these ones which I made from a Kleenex box.

Place both circles together and wrap wool around until the circles are completely covered.

Snip all around the outside edge.

Gently pull the two cardboard circles apart.  Wrap a length of wool around the middle, very tightly, and secure.  Remove both cardboard circles and fluff out your pom pom.

The book wisely suggests leaving a tail on the pom pom so your little one can pull the tail and drag it all around the house.  I always tie a few knots in my tails for further tactile fun.

That's my no-sew toy for the week.  Some of you have been uploading your handmades to my Flickr page, so keep 'em coming and watch for a show off post later in the week.  And you can join the Sew What Challenge any time; there is no obligation to complete each week's challenge.  We're just here to inspire you to have fun!

Next week's challenge:  an ornament for the tree.


viento said...

OK, I am going to have to make some of these now. I love the ones you made!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I love pompoms. Yours are great. Love breaking the rules.

Melissa said...

I adore the simplicity of this! And the photos are great!

mamaTAVE said...

Cute! I like how they look in the basket--what simple holiday decor, just use holiday colors. I want to make some red ones... These would be cute hanging on the tree, too.

Anonymous said...

They look so soft! I'd love to make them in lots of colours! Thanks for the how has been a long time since I've made pom poms :)

Andie said...

Oh my gosh! Flashback to the early 80s! We made these in the 4th grade to put on our saddle oxfords for cheerleading - one white, one red. We used crappy yarn, so they looked sad, but we made tons of those things. Good memory.