15 November 2010

Sew What - A Holiday Ornament

The holiday edition of Sew What is in its final week.  The last challenge: a holiday ornament.  I was completely inspired by this beautiful project from Spool Sewing (you can find the free printable pattern here):
I used the pattern to make my own flock. I am just gaga over the mobile that Spool created.  I'm not quite sure how she achieved that bird balancing act, but I want to know! 
After I made these, I thought of sewing a bunch in white and silvery velvets.  I think they'd be beautiful for the holidays.
 Cookie and Claire created this wonderful play purse for our Handmade Toy challenge last week:

 How cute is this cellphone??
Some little girl will be very happy. 
Hopefully you've been inspired to add some handmades to your holidays!


Anonymous said...

That mobile is to die for! know what I mean :)

viento said...

Now that bitty purse is BRILLIANT! I might have to make something similar.. not now though, I have already made my gift list for the rest of the year and there is no time to add to it now.

The SPANGLER said...

Love, love, LOVE the little birdies from spool sewing. Made a whole bundle of them in February this year but they got packed away and forgotten till now... Just perfect cause about a week ago I found the cuteset ornamental bird cage and since I'm a little real life bird phobic (mildly ornithophobic)the cage will be perfect for my spool versions!
PS. Loving your blog and tutes :)