05 November 2010

Get Your Craft On - Sew What Holidays Returns

After a Halloween hiatus, Melissa and I are back at the Sew What Holiday Edition.  Are you with us?
It's Week Three - time to create a stocking or toy (or for you keeners, both). 

I've got my supplies out, but have no idea what I'm making.  This Sunday, Melissa and I will reveal what we've made.  Please join us!  Upload your finished creations to my Flick page (link on the right sidebar - just click the colorful dress). 

The final week beings Monday the 14th.  The Week Four challenge is an ornament for the tree.  Doesn't sound too daunting... I'd better get my craft on.

And because many of you nice people asked, here's Alice:
My littlest wanted nothing to do with Halloween (hello!  Where's mommy's free candy?!) so no button costume was required.


LB3K said...

Very pretty! So glad you shared.

Melissa said...

I am so glad you are on the ball, I was thinking (probably in my painkiller haze) that I had one more week! Good thing I finished part of this a couple weeks ago or I'd be in trouble lol!

What a gorgeous girl in a great dress! I can send you some of our candy mama, Wednesday forgot about it the very next day (yay!) and we are not big on the sweet stuff. Just say the word and package is on it's way!

Shannon said...

so does it mean we're not too late to join in the challenge? even if we didn't do any of the other weeks? ... gawds I finally finished Halloween and mbaby gifts for twins, plus the Big Sisters 3 year B-day gift complete with upcycled reusable gift bag :) phewwww ... ps my youngster would only dawn his costume once he saw others out & about :)

Casey said...

What a lovely young woman your daughter seems to be. Love the costume, great always. :)