10 October 2010

Week One Sew What Project

The Week One Sew What challenge was A Gift For Him

Nothing seals your commitment like his and hers lunch bags.

If I was making one for Mr. Dork, I was getting one too.  (Note how mine is larger to accomodate extra desserts).  We were relying on identical plastic grocery bags before.  These puppies ought to cut down on the number of times he takes my tofu delight and I accidentally walk off with his antelope-on-rye. 

I stared at a paper lunch bag for a template.  I made one...two... three and perfected my method the third time around with a little bias tape.

I will have a tutorial for the black and white bag up this week.

What did you make for the man?  If you'd like to sew along with Sew What over the next month, upload photos of your creations to my Flickr group for all the world to see.  Some of you have already shown off your Man-Presents:

Angelapea knit this bamboo and wool scarf

And don't tell Amy Jane's boyfriend, but she's making him some jammies for Christmas

I haven't popped over to Until Wednesday Calls to see what Melissa made yet.

Week Two now The next challenge is A Holiday Outfit (for anyone).   See you back here next Sunday with mine.


mamaTAVE said...

Now, that is some man-fabric! That is my biggest challenge... finding fabric that doesn't seem girly... Maybe I'm over-thinking it.
I have my "gift for him" planned, but have been in school all weekend and just haven't had the time yet. Hoping for tomorrow...

Melissa said...

Manly fabric indeed mama! I wonder if my Mister would like a lunch bag? He is more of a stainless steel indestructible kind of guy! If you needed more time we could have postponed it! I hope you are having a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Melanie said...

I'm swamped with projects right now, but I can't wait to get to your Christmas challenges. I need the motivation :) I've got ideas up to my eyeballs since you posted the schedule!