28 September 2010

We Interrupt This Dork-a-Thon For a Harvest

A little hiatus, but I still have a couple of giveaways to give away, including this grand finale outfit for boys that I'm collaborating on with Staridesigns.  Sneak peek:

The giveaways were meant to distract you from the fact that I didn't sew much in the month of September.  Singer and Serge are lonely down in the basement.  The gardens needed harvesting.  Yep, we have gardens where our front lawn should be:

I am reading a book about food culture that explains that in the past, people gardened out of need, and since you didn't want to display your neediness to the neighbourhood, you tucked your gardens out of sight.  I'm glad that's all changed.
All those raw vegetables needed tending.

No points for neatness, however I took some time to take my fabrics out of plastic bins and store them this way:
What a difference that makes!  While my bins were color coordinated, I forgot about the 95% of the fabric that wasn't peeking out the top.  Now when I am looking for a certain color or fabric, it's right before my eyes.  This should save me many last minute trips to the fabric store.

A new coat for Little V is in the works, however she advises she is currently afraid of elephants:

And *sigh* everytime I open the front door, there's more of this happening.  It's beautiful, but it means the snow will fly all too soon.

So check back for some more giveaways in the month of October, and I'll get back to the needle and thread.


Dree said...

So--how do you keep your front yard veggies from walking away? I do very limited front-yard gardening because so much gets stolen (but no one steals hops!). Other things stolen from our front yard: cheap Ikea porch chair, car, 1 cinder block. Unfortunately, no one steals the paper flyers always left on our porch.

Mama Lusco said...

Enjoy the last of your garden before fall is really here. I just canned the last of my beets, too!

Stacey said...

Wow, what a harvest. We rent and aren't allowed to plant a garden but I dream of it each year. And I SO hear you on watching the leaves start to pile up. Not only are they a lot of work to rake, but they are a daily reminder of how quickly that snow is coming. Here's hoping your Fall is dry and sunny!

Celeste said...

Wow those look great. We usually just do tomatoes for spaghetti sauce, peppers and some new veggie. We have to do it in the backyard because we get deer in our front that eat everything.

MafiosaGrrl said...

Yum, yum- looks good! We have a small garden in half wine barrels, mostly tomatoes. I can't wait to have a big set up like yours...with carrots!!!

That elephant fabric is so sweet, can't wait to see that coat :)

mamaTAVE said...

I LOVE that you have your garden out front! I tried that last year, and discovered that deer like tomatoes.... and that deer roam through my yard in the wee hours.... who knew?!!

Casey said...

All the wonderful veggies! Oh I wish we had just a tiny bit of ground to plant things in, I'd love it. I love all your color coordinated fabric stacks. My fabric stash is somewhat small and stuffed in a bin in my closet since there's no other place for it yet. Someday my dream is to have a craft room for all my pretty crafty things to be out in the open.

Karin said...

I store my stash in small baskets like you've got stacks, and boy, does it make it easier to see/remember all that's there. Doesn't mean any less trips to the fabric store tho! Your harvest looks yummy!!

erinleee said...

me too, with the harvesting and pickling beets... I love how your fabric is organized, makes lots of sense.

jen said...

Plant that garden proudly! I love that gardening's made such a huge comeback—who doesn't love harvesting?! The only reason to hide a garden is so your neighbor kids don't steal your carrots on their way to school! ;)