16 September 2010

Heidi & Finn Buy Two Get One Pattern Deal and another Swing Coat

(If you are looking for the fabric giveaway - scroll down to the next post)

I made another Heidi and Finn swing coat and sent it to a friend.  She put on this winning smile to show it off :)  This coat is linen on the outside, cotton on the inside with brown topstitching.  The little skirt is made from a cotton print I used to make Little V`s apron pants.  I can`t take any credit for those great boots though.

Heidi and Finn are offering Sewing Dork readers a Buy 2 Get One Free deal on their patterns - but just until September 17th.   When you buy two patterns, enter the code  SDORKBLOGB2G1 in the Message to Seller box along with the free pattern you would like to receive.


mamaTAVE said...

Absolutely adorable!

Melissa said...

What a gorgeous coat. And seriously, those boots are fabulous. Reminds me, i have to find Wednesday a new dress boot for the season. Love the greens.

Nooly said...

beautiful coat! just bought the pattern! question for you. does it include seam allowances?

The Sewing Dork said...

Yes Nooly, it includes seam allowances and is a nice roomy fit.

Nooly said...

thanks! i am off to cut fabric!!!!