16 August 2010

Trades Anyone?

Recently one of you contacted me and organized a trade.  I made something for her son, she made something for my daughter.  I am all for the bartering system, so I have made a few things that I am hoping to swap.  Trades anyone?

(KNITTERS - I would like to arrange a trade for a simple short sleeved cardigan for my two year old in exchange for some custom sewing.  If that's you, please shoot me an email.)

Who wants a Village Frock in cotton and dupioni silk, a generous size 3 (years)?   (Traded)

Dig the square buttons.
A few posts ago I was talking about the un-availability of this popular out-of-print pattern so I thought the dress itself might appeal to someone.  Total dress length:  20 inches.

How about a half-dozen flannel and terry bamboo No-Paper Towels:    (Traded)
There are three of each flannel print.  Edges are serged.  The bamboo terry knit is extremely absorbent and eco-friendly (and hard to find). 

And for the cloth diapering mama, three wool soakers:

Best fit:  up to 12 months.  Each are made from repurposed felted lambswool sweaters.  The pair on the right are shorties with knee-length cuffs.  Inner leg seam on the two longer pants is 10 inches. 

If you have something you'd like to trade, email me at cynsaw2(at)yahoo(dot)ca.

(I live in Canada, so if you are in another country, please be aware that you will have to make a trip to the post office to fill out a little customs form for me.  Just sayin').  I am happy to ship wherever.


Sorka said...

oooh what kinda sweater you want?? fiber, color etc.. if you have a link to a picture or if you can check out the patterns on the Lion Brand site (I can shorten up sleeves..) let me know! I like those no paper towels! I'm in!!
Me blog is at if you want to peek at my work.

WheatnDairyFreeChick said...

i dont have anything made up at the moment! *darn* I make clothes, stuffies and bags etc out of vinty and up-cyled material. I could happily make something for you or your little one if you like.
We are a cloth nappying house but i think the wool soakers would be too hot in the North Qld climate but i would LOVE some of the no-paper towels (if you happen to have any more) we are currently in the process of going green and they would be super handy!

WheatnDairyFreeChick said...

Oh darn! i have just realised you live in canada.. Australia is probably a little too far for you to post lol!

aj said...

Another knitter here who'd love to trade, either for the gorgeous little dress, or any other dresses for 1 year plus. I have a brand new little niece who would love a serged sundress for when she's older (because her aunty doesn't have a serger!) I'm in Canada too...
Erm, my blog is ramblings, but there are some piccies of my previous makes on flickr: mostly toys but I do clothing too....
(Stop rambling amy!)
thejasperpatch at googlemail dot com

Mrs. M said...

Great idea!

Sorka said...

Of course I neglected to see the 'email me' part!

Anonymous said...
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Casey said...

I would love to do a trade but so far I'm not that confident in my sewing skills. Once I get a bit better I'm sooo in. :) I love all your dresses and shorts and shirts.

bountifulblessings said...

I'd love to have your no-paper towels if you'd be willing to trade for a diaper bag or tote I already have made up. Here's a link to them:
Just let me know!