06 August 2010

Post No. 200 - The Giveaway Winners

Sheesh, I talk a lot.  200 posts in a year!  I'm yap-yapping to announce the winners of this week's giveaways:

The Dude Dress pattern giveaway winner is ckh who cracked me up with her witty commentary on the dude.  ckh, I can't contact you - can you shoot me an email?

The winner of the Made for You giveaway is #28 Jill Macknicki of Better Than Correspondence.
I'm excited to get working on whatever Jill chooses!  Thanks to everybody who entered.  After I gain a little confidence working on Jill's mystery item, I think I'll do another giveaway of this type.

I have some more tutorials on their way, so check back later.  In the meantime, I leave you with What-Happens-When-You-Ask-The-12-Year-Old-To-Watch-Her-Sister-For-A-Little-Bit:


Melissa said...

Love that last picture!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Melissa! The second picture of V is priceless!

Tracy said...

ha! those pictures are great!

Chartreuse Moose said...

Dress for success! Love the look! She will too...twenty years from now! I didn't have the courage to reveal that the caftan pattern didn't seem odd or unusual in the least...I lived through that era...very tail end...very young! Guys would wear very long, frayed jeans under those caftans...caftans hemmed a bit shorter. Sandals were big...mandatory I think! beads...tiny glasses! Long hair...everyone! Mustaches...hopefully only on the guys! ;-) I hate to look...may even own this pattern! I old...or what?!!! ;-)

Shanna said...

The kid situation could have turned out worse. My 16 year old son was supposed to be in charge, while the 2 year old was supposed to be napping. He could handle that she was wailing about not wanting to nap so let her up. Then apparently decided that the 2 year old loose in the living room while he was entralled with his X-Box was a good idea. I came home an hour later to a 2 year old covered in hot pink nail polish and also a cream and green wool rug full of hot pink nail polish as well.
Boy was THAT fun to clean up. NOT!
So you got off so easy that the wee one just had her hair done. ;) She is too freaking cute by the way.

孫邦柔 said...
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ckh said...

Thank you! I'm very excited for the Dude Dress to arrive!

Love the pics! I think you got very lucky. ;)

Shay said...

Love the picture! Too cute! I have a 15 year old girl, 2 year old and 2 month old boys. Whenever I leave her with them I get pictures sent to me on my cell phone with them all dressed up as girls in her clothing. She is very creative. I am thankful that Dad just laughs.
Thanks for all the tutorials. I can only use them on my niece as I have boys, but still fun. Do you have any little boys you want to practice tutorials for :)