20 August 2010

I Think I'm Having an Affair

With reversible clothes that is.  I'm smitten. I've been laying in bed at night fantasizing about fabric combinations instead of sleeping.  That's almost an affair, right?  Here's another garment I made with DMK EasyWear  e-patterns. After posting about the reversible tunic, I ordered the Vintage Chic Reversible Swing jacket pattern:

Here's my side one:

Here's my side two:

Does it get any cuter than that??   The only variations I made to the pattern were the addition of the jersey flower, and I moved the front closure off center.  And now I'm in love.  The whole reversible idea appeals to me; it's like getting twice as many clothes for my effort!

Remember that DMK Easywear has a Best Pattern Maker's Contest 2010 going on - details here.  You have until August 28th to enter for a chance to win more patterns.  I entered!


Karin van D. said...

Very cute. I never made anything reversible just yet, but the thought of having two items in one sewing project sounds really tempting ;-)

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I can't believe you made it already!! I am working on mine this weekend!! When I saw the pattern I couldn't believe how clear the illustrations and instructions were, it so beats the garden variety commercial sort.

Natural Mama said...

Wow- these are lovely!
I'm admittedly a little nervous about making reversible things (no-where to hide my mistakes), but these are tempting to try.

Melissa said...

I love the off centre touch.

Mama Lusco said...

So stinking cute! Looks great.

Melanie said...

those sleeves are a sweet surprise! I love them.

Beth Lemon said...

Thanks for introducing me to a new blog to add to my Reader. And awesome jacket! Very dangerous pattern shopping ahead.

MamaMia said...

Thanks so much for posting this, I visited her etsy site and ordered 10 patterns! I can't wait to create my 2 year old daughters fall/winter wardrobe!
BTW, I love your fabric choices and the way you chose to do the body and collar the same and the sleeves different, what a great idea!