29 August 2010

I Made the Top 8

Ryan Seacrest called. He said a couple of my tunics made the DMK Best Pattern Makers contest Top 8! I'm so flattered :) Please visit From An Igloo HERE to vote for your favorite. A bundle of free pdf patterns are at stake.

Another variation on the DMK EasyWear reversible tunic that I posted about earlier. 

I have also lengthened it to a dress, added a ruffle at neck, bubble bottom and gaping side pocket on the red side.
Side Two:
One of those things that hangs much better on the model.

A view of the back (Dishwasher art.  Who knew?)

The vote will be open until August 31st. And a big *thank you* to those of you who said you have already voted for me.  Some of you were no-reply(at) so I couldn't email you to thank you personally.

Coming soon - It's a Dork-a-Thon.  Check back soon for details.