03 September 2010

Heidi & Finn Pattern Special (Warning: Cuteness Overload)

What do you get when you combine some blue linen and print cotton with this great pdf pattern?

Cuteness overload!

Last year, I struggled with a vintage pattern to make my daughter a special coat.  Lining this one was a cinch!

Dig the bell sleeves?

I added white topstitching for interest.  I think the whole thing was done in an hour. 

 Do you want one too? 
Heidi & Finn are offering a deal to Sewing Dork readers.  Between today and September 17th, buy two of their patterns, get one free.  That will mean three patterns for under $12.00!  Just mention the coupon code SDORKBLOGB2G1.
 In the 'message to seller' box, indicate which free pattern you'd like.

HERE's where to find all their great patterns.

I've tried the Urban Kimono too:

And I think this might be next on my list:

Heidi & Finn also have a studio shop.  They are offering Dork readers free shipping on any studio purchase over $50.00 between now and September 17th.  Have fun shopping!


Melissa said...

That coat is gorgeous! I love the white stitching. Why would you tempt me with these great patterns! ;)

Melissa said...

You do the best stuff. Thanks for being virtually present!

Karin van D. said...

Very cute. And I love the lining you used!

wendy_lawes said...

Beautiful coat. I'm new to blogs and Etsy, where do I put the code to get the discount?

The Sewing Dork said...

Wendy, you don't have a public email address, so hopefully you look here for your answer. You just order two patterns through Etsy, then when you pay there is a Message to Seller box - you enter the code there as well as your request for your free pattern. It all gets emailed to you very soon after that.

Woosterwoo said...

Oh wonderful - thanks for your quick reply!

Woosterwoo said...

P.S. in case you're wondering I just managed to change my username, you can tell I'm new huh!