06 July 2010

Turtleneck Abuse - Round Two

A couple of weeks ago, I cut up an adult sized turtleneck to make kid's pants. 

Now it's time to amputate the collar of your adult sized turtleneck.

And use it in place of an elastic waist casing on the next pair of pants or skirt you make for your child.

Just s-t-r-e-t-c-h the turtlenck as you sew it into place.  Fold it in half or wear it up to cover your little one's back if their shirt is always riding up.

That's the body and the collar of the turtlenck conquered.  Next up:  we'll attack the sleeves to make something new.

Trouble with BLOG COMMENTS:  Thank you everyone who takes the time to comment, I read them all and appreciate them all!  Blogger has been having issues with comments for about a month now, so many of your comments are not showing up which means I cannot respond to you.  I'm not ignoring you!  Hopefully this all gets fixed soon.


Melanie said...

Hey, that's pretty brilliant.

Anonymous said...

LOL...when I first glimpsed the photo, my first reaction was NO WAY a turtleneck will ever fit around my waist!! ha ha ha

Fabulous idea, though to use it for little kid clothing!

Connie @ BhimiBlog said...

I thought something similar to Angela: "how skinny is she? I could never do that!" Then I read further :-) Love the idea! They look great!

Tracy said...

great idea!

Attilio said...

heehee...i had the same thought too!!! i knew you have a lovely slim figure but how oh how did she get into the neck, I thought!!! haha. what a great idea. tks becky

dennisonohio said...


Robin said...

I love this. i have a turtleneck I am going to try this out with.