28 August 2010

The $12.00 Room Makeover for a 12 Year Old

12 year olds. Apparently they don't appreciate a beige-on-beige bedroom.  She requested a little color upgrade, so I put color everywhere I could.
Like on the dresser.
And an antique chair.
Reversible pillow cases for ever-changing moods.

"Free" artwork when she cleaned out her school locker.
Nearly free artwork - I watered down some paint and applied it to inexpensive canvasses from the dollar store.  I printed images of dancers off the internet and Mod Podged them on.  The Tweenager asked if she could write all over her walls.  Um, no.  But you could write all over these canvasses without breaking my heart.
All tied in with the scrap quilt I made her for Mother's Day.  Total cost:  $12.00 (canvasses, Ikea fabric for pillowcases, mistint paint), and hey when she tires of it, I'm willing to spend another twelve dollars to do it all over!


Karin van D. said...

I can imagine she's happy with it. It looks great!

Crystal Arcand (3Stairs) said...

Fantastic! I really like the canvasses with the dancers on them and the quote on the wall.

Melissa said...

Wow, I love this, the pillows are wonderful what a great shade of yellow and it pops against the black so nicely. That quilt is exactly what I keep saying I am going to start...tomorrow. Yours looks great. And the canvases are so chic!
p.s. I think if you come visit your blog you will be pleasantly surprised.

Christine said...

Love it! :)