26 July 2010

Bedding for Buddies

I am in love with this stage of my two year old's development; she is in a daily rhythm of nurturing and imitating my routines as I go about cooking and housekeeping.  Every night for the last couple of months, she has been rounding up every basket we own...

And putting her buddies to bed.

This prompted a round of dolly scrap quilt making.

This guy seems particularly cozy.

Another free-because-we-already-had-it toy.  So why not round up a few scraps and make some buddies happy at your house?


The Paisley Abbey said...

That is so sweet. I wish my girls were still at that stage.

Sandy said...

How sweet she is! And I love all the little quilts you made for her dollys... makes her night time routine that much more special!

Celeste said...

Cute! I should make some little pillows for my 3 year old's dolls. I kept a bunch of receiving blankets and she uses those so we have tons of blankets.

Evi Andrews said...

That is so cute. My daughter will turn 2 on August 15 and I ordered her a waldorf doll from thewoodenwagon. I had an old handmedown wooden cradle my MIL gave me and I just cut up an old fleece receiving blanket from way back and made a little bedding set for the cradle. I can't wait to see her face when she comes downstairs on her birthday and sees the doll in the cradle.

Mrs. M said...

Very sweet and brings back memories of my childhood. I put my buddy to bed in a christmas orange box until I got little wooden bunkbeds for christmas one year.
I wonder if my littlest boy would play this way with his little dolly....who always seems to be naked?