06 June 2010

Your Denim Skirts and Week Two Challenge

Your recycled denim skirts keep popping up in my Flickr pool and I love all the creativity.
From Melissa, my co-conspirator

Long skirt from mamaTave

From The Answer is Chocolate

Keep them coming, and I'll keep showing them off. (On that note, can anyone tell me how to properly resize your Flickr photos for Blogger? If I just save them to my desktop, they are miniscule and grainy when I resize them.)

This week's challenge is underway:
A bag/clutch/purse with words. Any kind of words. Use your chosen fabric, some words and a healthy dose of imagination.
Once you are done, email Melissa or I your photos, or add them to Flickr (link on right sidebar). Melissa and I will show ours off next Sunday.


The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Oh my gosh I can't believe you showed my skirt! WOW. I can totally gloat to my husband who thought I'd lost my mind ( well not for the first time). Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Can I still join?

Melissa said...

Above each photo are some buttons (Blog this, favourite this etc) sometimes you will see a button that says ALL SIZES and that gives you some different sizes of photos to choose from. Hope that helps!