19 June 2010

Week Three Sew What Challenge Reveal

In my former life as a music teacher, I always said "if you're going to make a mistake make it out loud!"
Here's my out loud Week Three Reverse Applique-Pillow-Doorstop-Stuff Thing challenge reveal:
I had some little owls left from a dress I made and thought I could do reverse applique in cotton. I'm sure some people can do better, but I'm giving myself a D+.

Oh, it gets worse.
I'll give myself points for color arrangement, but look at how I tried to hide the reverse applique horror with a frayed flower applique followed by a blue jersey ruffle gone bad.  Sometimes, I just shouldn't.

Big sister's room is getting a makeover, so from now on I'll stick to what I'm good at:  double sided pillows.  Twice the decorating fun.

Hop on over to Melissa's blog to see her reverse applique awesomeness.  And if you are playing along with us this week, add your photos to my Flickr page (link on the right sidebar).  Stay tuned for news on the Week Four challenge:  it will be my favorite yet!


Sally said...

Loving all your reverse applique. Too cute!

Rocketgirl said...

LOL, love your post! Totally enjoy your blog!!
cheers from BC!

Resweater said...

I like the reverse applique! I'll have to give that a try.

Genie said...

Where did you get that great fabric for the pillows? I'm needing to make new pillows for my living room and am not finding the fabric love...Thanks!

mamaTAVE said...

Finally got mine done:
I also made a pillow. One more is on the way, with more reverse applique! (Oh, look at that; I'm a poet.)