28 June 2010

Flickr Favorites - Sew What Challenge

Thanks every to everybody who took any or all of the Sew What challenges in the month of June. We all started with similar materials and a theme, added some imagination, and ended up with completely different projects. A few of yours:

Cara Mia's reverse applique coasters from the Week Three challenge (doorstop/pillow type household item):
Denim skirt by Keeping the Faith from the Week One Challenge (recycled denim or other fabric skirt).  Can I get one of those flat stomachs to go please?
Diaper caddy by The Paisley Abbey.  Week Four challenge:  Carry It (some kind of tote).  How adorable are those sock monkeys?
 Pocket pillow by Mama Tave.  It features a name on the reverse (Week Two challenge:  a bag with words).
And from the same week's challenge, shopping bags by MaeKellan with words on the upper corner.  I want some of these too!

Speaking of making stuff, you couldn't have missed my spectacular new banner made by Melissa of Until Wednesday Calls.  I put out the call for help, and she graciously designed this for me!  A BIG thank you!


KJ said...

Great projects, love the little blog's new look. And yes, I will take the tummy too!

Laura Gerencser said...

Great stuff!

Connie @ BhimiBlog said...

The coasters are super cute! And reverse applique is SEW quick & simple! I noticed the new banner immediately -- looks great! Don't forget Blogger just opened up their TemplateDesigner to everyone this past month, if you're interested:

The Paisley Abbey said...

Thank you for posting mine! I was so excited to see it. I also love the new look of the blog!

mamaTAVE said...

The ideas you two have come up with have been so inspiring for me--I really appreciate the kick in the mojo! Next time you gals do this (hint, hint), I will try to be more timely with my posts. Take care.

Anonymous said...

I love the new banner, looks great.

Anonymous said...

OMGosh! that flat belly!! I'd like 2 please, one to wear right away and one extra just in case the first one starts to look like my current belly :)
Love what you're doing! I would love to get involved in these challenges when my life slows down just a little :) xox

Melissa said...

Did you get the email I sent with he new and improved banner? It is smaller and sharper, also with your acual slogan lol.

Lydia said...

I can't wait until you guys do this again! I really really want to be a part of it!!